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What is Human Design

Updated: May 19, 2021

Human Design tells us how our energetic bodies move and operate in the world.

The Human Design chart is a map of you. It reveals your uniqueness. It is based on several old and modern traditions, like Astrology, the Chinese I-Ching, the Chakras, The Tree of Life, Quantum mechanics, Astronomy and Biochemistry.

It pinpoints the way in which our energy flows naturally and inherently through us individually. It is the science of differentiation - supporting the widely accepted notion that none of us are the same.

With Human Design you can learn about:-

  • Your decision making process

  • How to interact with others in the most beneficial way

  • Living your best life possible

  • Attracting more abundance and well being in your life

  • Your natural gifts and talents

Human Design will tell you who you are and who you are not. People often get a great sense of relief from their first reading. They finally feel validated for being who they are rather than trying to conform to the norms of society.

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