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Human Design - Relationships

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Not only can human design guide you into alignment to your best life it is also a powerful tool when looking at relationships.

When our auras combine with another's, each person will experience something new as well as creating a third energy. Human Design can provide a detailed chart of that relationship energy, giving great insights into the strengths of that relationship as well as areas that may need work.

Without getting too deep into the intricacies of the relationship chart, there are five key areas that it looks at.

  1. Connection themes: - What energy centres are defined and what type of definition is present.

  2. Attraction Channels:- It is human nature to be attracted to individuals that have the gates that complete your channels. When these two gates come together we feel a completeness to that energy

  3. Friendship Channels:- These occur when both people have the same defined channel. Friendship channels place people on the same page and feel comfortable and stable.

  4. Dominance Channels:- These are the channels that one person has defined and the other has neither gate that make that channel. These channels are a great opportunity for two people to learn from each other as the channels energy is consistently there.

  5. Compromise Channels :- These occur when one person in the relationship has the entire channel defined and the other person only has one of the gates defined in that channel. These are the trickiest to navigate with both parties having to acknowledge that some give and take with be required when dealing with the energy of that channel.

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