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Human Design - The Basics - Types

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Human design is made up of three key elements:-

  • Type

  • Authority

  • Profile


What type we are tells us our strategy, that is, it tells us how we move in the world and how to best align with our authentic self.

There are five Types, Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector and Reflector.


The Manifestor makes up around 8% of the population. They are here to initiate. They are the innovators and change makers and have the ability to motivate others into action. Manifestor's energy is limited, so they need to rest and reinvigorate quite often. Maninfestors have no external indicators to guide them, they just have an internal motivation to initiate, for this to happen most successfully, their strategy is "to inform" . Informing others of their intentions enables them to stay in their manifesting energy without interuption.


Generators make up 37% of the population and are here to build and work and to become masterful at whatever work they are guided to. They have access to continuous sustainable energy. When a generator is living true to their type they are in a continual dance with the universe. As their key to alignment is "wait to respond" they just need to look for the clues, signals and guideposts that the universe will lay before them to show them the way.

Manifesting Generator

Manifesting Generators make up 33% of the population and are combination of Generator and Manifestor. They have the consistent energy of a generator and are here to work and build, but the Manifestor aspect of them makes them do everything at a super speed, sometimes missing steps and becoming bored before the task is complete. They may have several different "careers" in a life time. They, like generators need to "wait to respond" but they also need to inform before acting.


Projectors make up 20% of the population. They are here to hold the energy for all that is possible. They are intuitively connected to humanity and are here to help move the rest of us towards a connected and integrated state of well being. Projectors do not have their own energy and require large periods of rest each day. A Projectors strategy is to "wait for the invitation"


Reflectors are the rarest of all, at only 1% of the population. They have the important role to reflect how well we are doing as a community. They are a mirror for all around them and are constantly sampling and amplifying others energy. It is important that they have time alone to process this energy and they need to wait an entire Luna Cycle before making any major life decisions.

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